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A New Year and a New Bridge…

I am so pleased and relieved to be beginning the new year with a new bridge connecting my home and office to the outside world. Enjoying the simple pleasures of pulling into my driveway to unload groceries instead of carting them over the footbridge and though the mud in a wheelbarrow, the security of getting a fuel delivery at last, and being able to turn on the heat… MORE

What Do I Do ???

I’ve been trying to write a new page for my website about the sessions I offer by phone or Skype, and I have run up against my eternal question; what do I do???

I’ve always been good at multi-tasking, as a Gemini I think it comes naturally to have a multi-focused perception of the world. In my work, it helps me incorporate lots of different techniques and approaches to health and healing. But when it comes to describing what I actually do, it’s never a simple answer, more like a lengthy list! MORE

Loving what is – or how I learned to love and accept snow days

One of my favorite teachers, Byron Katie, talks about ‘loving what is’ – letting go of our innate, knee-jerk reactions of “I don’t like this, this is not what I want, this situation, this person, life should be different,” and just being present and accepting what is. Living in the Northeast this winter has been an interesting exercise in acceptance, in learning to be with what is, in this case snow, snow and more snow! MORE

Imagery and kindness…

Often clients have told me that they can’t do guided imagery because they “can’t visualize.” I find it ironic, because the truth is, we are all absolutely expert at what I call ‘negative imagery.’ Sending our bodies messages that they obediently respond to; “I’m clumsy, I’m fat (and I’ll always be fat!), I have a bad back, a sensitive stomach, that medicine will make me nauseous, I’ll never heal…” the litany of negative thoughts and negative imagery goes on all day.

So what if we could harness this ability we all seem to have and creatively use it for health and healing? What if the messages were positive and health-promoting, instead of critical and judgmental? What if we were actually kind to ourselves? MORE

Carol Look and Carol Robin talk about abundance…

Everyone’s talking about abundance these days, tapping on it, saying affirmations, sucking up to the Law of Attraction, and generally beating themselves up because they’re not rolling in dough yet! I had a fascinating talk about it with my friend and colleague Carol Look last fall, on my teleseminar series, “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness.” Carol is an EFT Master, and a world renowned expert on abundance and to her, it’s not just about money! MORE