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I’ve been talking with my friend Lynne Morrell ( about doing a class together on humor and healing. Lynne’s one of the funniest people I know, (and also one of the best EFT practitioners) and her irreverent and sometimes zany sense of humor can be the catalyst for some profound shifts in tapping or coaching sessions.

So what is it about laughter that shifts our energy so quickly? That instant of surprise that suddenly turns our perspective upside down…I asked that question to EFT Masters Rue Hass, Gwyneth Moss and Ann Ross when I interviewed them recently about their upcoming training “Tapping at Sunrise” in Colorado, and got some interesting and thoughtful responses. (Click here:  Humor & Healing-Tapping at Sunrise to hear an excerpt, and go to Tapping At Sunrise 2010 for the full interview and more info on the event.)

I was working with a client who had fallen on the ice and gotten a serious head injury. She was having difficulty working and having problems with her memory. We were tapping on her issues about the injury and what came up was her strong sense of guilt about falling. I asked her why she felt guilty about an accident, and she said “I shouldn’t have let it happen, I should have known I could fall and been prepared.” So I started tapping with her “I should have known I could fall, how stupid of me to go out that day without my protective gear and my helmet!” And she started laughing! The absurdity of the image just cracked her up, and suddenly the absurdity of beating herself up for something that she couldn’t have controlled was crystal clear, and she just let go!

I was always a very serious child, nose in a book and head in an alternate reality. The older I get, the more I appreciate and encourage that buried in my overly serious little brain was an extremely irreverent sense of humor. Because I still look so serious, it can be that much more surprising (to me too!) I love surprising my friends and clients with that unexpected view that gets a laugh of surprise, and a new way of perceiving reality.

I’d love to hear how you use humor – intentionally or spontaneously – to shift energy and create healing.

Yours in peace and laughter,


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Lynne Morrell - June 30, 2010

Hey Carol! This is a great post. I love using humor in the work that we do…it just shifts things in such a loving way 🙂
So….3 nuns walked into a bar….. 😉

Carol - June 30, 2010

Thanks Lynne, that brings up the whole question of the relationship between love and laughter! How humor and laughter feel gentle and loving and free of judgement…

Mary - December 23, 2013

I fell myself about 3 months ago. I was going down 4 steps while reading a paper in my hand. Didn’t work well.

I was on step 3 and thought I was on the bottom. Lost my balance and fell HARD onto a stone floor. I was more fortunate than you in that I did not break the wrist.

Left wrist is finally about 75% functional and improving in very small steps daily.

I did blame myself for falling since I was not paying attention to what I was doing.

Your story above lightened that a bit.

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