Are you struggling with health issues and looking for healing?  Are you frustrated by ten minute doctor visits and looking for someone who will listen to your whole story and look at your whole being?

I treat the whole person; body, heart, mind and spirit, and I am committed to giving you the time, attention and expertise to get to the source of your issues.

I draw on 37 years of professional experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Energy Healing practitioner, deep intuition, creativity, compassion and humor to help you find health, happiness, peace and freedom. Whether you have physical health issues, emotional or energetic issues, or stressful life experiences to release, I can help you discover and follow your own unique healing journey.

For more information on working with me please contact me.

I also invite you to visit my store ImageryMeditation.com where you will find my guided imagery meditation CDs and mp3s for Releasing Stress, Morning and Evening Daily Meditations, Restful Sleep, Learning to Meditate, Being at Peace, Pain and Healing, Transforming Surgery and Cancer Treatment, and more.