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Transformation, Toxins and Butterflies

The milkweed plant is celebrated as the favorite food of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. It’s also quite toxic, and in munching its way through many leaves, the caterpillar stores enough toxins in its body to render it, and the resulting butterfly unattractive and dangerous to predators. We all absorb toxic experiences, relationships, patterns in our early life.How much do we hold onto as protection? MORE

Letting Go of Our Old Stuff with Guided Imagery…

We talk about letting go in a lot of different contexts, but what does it really mean? We take stress and trauma into our body and energy field, and that’s fine, it is how we function as physical beings. Where it becomes a problem is when we keep it and carry it with us for the rest of our lives. Our traumas and experiences and beliefs – whether they are conscious, or buried deep in our unconscious – continually impact how we function in the present. MORE

Tapping World Summit

The world of Meridian Tapping has grown these past several years, and I am continually finding new and exciting ways to incorporate it into my work with my clients.  Balancing and releasing stress, trauma, health issues, emotional issues, limiting belief systems, fears and phobias are all possible with this powerful process of tapping on acupuncture meridian points and creatively exploring our stuff. MORE

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