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Moods Are Like the Weather… Seasonal Affective Disorder

OK, so if from a spiritual perspective, you are really the sky. then your emotions are really just the clouds that come and go. Sometimes they frame the sun and create a beautiful sky, or a spectacular sunset. Sometimes they seem to block the sun and  you can feel gray as ashes. But then the wind blows, air currents shift and suddenly you are your true radiant self again… MORE

Being at peace with choices…

So many people seem to be stressed about making choices these days. Whether it is a major life change or decision – health issues or decisions about treatments, divorce or separation, career changes or simply the myriad of lifestyle choices we face on a daily basis – it is so common to feel unsettled and stressed and keep second guessing ourselves.

When we make a choice, we want to feel a sense of peace and resolution. MORE

Transformation, Toxins and Butterflies

The milkweed plant is celebrated as the favorite food of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. It’s also quite toxic, and in munching its way through many leaves, the caterpillar stores enough toxins in its body to render it, and the resulting butterfly unattractive and dangerous to predators. We all absorb toxic experiences, relationships, patterns in our early life.How much do we hold onto as protection? MORE

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