EFT in the Rockies…

I am enjoying a remarkable four day retreat with EFT Masters Rue Hass and Gwyneth Moss in the foothills of the Rocky mountains. If you were listening to the Profound Paths series last fall, you will remember the beautiful EFT work Rue did on one of our calls. What an experience to be learning from these brilliant teachers in this peaceful and beautiful retreat setting.

The more I learn about the depths of EFT work, the more possibilities I see…

One of my commitments in the teleseminar series, is bringing you more profound and practical learning about the amazing potential of these meridian tapping energy therapies.

Today, working with Gwyneth I had a new insight about imagery. I have always explained it as “the language the body and the mind use to communicate.” But it is really more the messenger between body and mind, or as Gwyneth calls it, “the interpreter.” The body expresses non-verbally through the imagination, through images; they can be visual, kinesthetic, auditory, or any other kind of sensing. The messenger image then gives the information to the thinking mind. An amazing system!

It’s very helpful to understand how your system images. Are you visual, auditory, do you sense through physical sensation, smells, tastes, or just a sense of ‘knowing?’ Explore your imagination and your own unique ‘messenger system.’ Let me know what you discover.

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