what is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a process by which a guide or teacher leads you into meditation. An effective teacher can teach you a simple pathway to a meditative state, as well as help you experience being in that state. Once you have experienced what it feels like to be in the natural state of meditation, and learned the path to it, it is easy for you to take yourself there.Meditation shouldn’t be hard, it’s a natural state for humans. But a lot of people become frustrated and discouraged trying to learn meditation on their own. It may be because they are using techniques that just aren’t right for them, and/or have inadequate guidance. Being guided into the experience of a meditative state, with a guided meditation CD or mp3 is an easy way to eliminate those problems.

Meditation is, most simply, the process of re-connecting our mind, emotions, and body with our spirit. The basic purpose of meditation is to bring us back to our center, where we are in communication with our higher/deeper/inner self, and with spirit. There are many ways to meditate, and cultures all over the world have used meditation in many different forms- sitting, walking, movement. There is no single right way to meditate; we each need to find the form that works best for us.

The Four Steps to Center™ technique that I created for my clients and students is based in the Western tradition of meditation techniques. It was developed for people looking for a simple, natural, effective daily technique that they could easily follow and use on their own. Once you reach a meditative state, what I call ‘the place of center,’ unlimited possibilities are available to you. I invite you to explore the limitless world of meditation. If you are looking for an easy way to learn to meditate, or are an experienced meditator looking to explore new techniques, I invite you to try my Four Steps to Center™ technique. It is used in my  mp3’s; Four Steps to Center, Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep, and Transforming Surgery, Cancer Surgery and Cancer Treatment.

Through meditation, you create a closer connection with your spiritual self; with your innate wisdom, love and compassion, your strength, power, vitality and creativity. By connecting in this natural way, you can bring these qualities of spirit into your daily life. Meditation affects every part of your daily life. When you meditate regularly, the inspiration, guidance, forgiveness, and serenity that emanates from your higher self flows into every moment of your life. This brings with it peace of mind, open-heartedness, physical and emotional health and healing, and relief from anxiety, depression and stress.

You can use meditation to ground and center yourself, or to send healing energy and relief to whatever part of you needs it. You can ask for guidance, find inspiration, open yourself to forgiveness and compassion, re-charge and rejuvenate your system, or simply remember the true depth of your being. Be creative, and be open to what comes to you. Everything is possible.

There are many beneficial health related, stress management, and healing effects that have been demonstrated with regular, daily meditation, such as:

• relaxation• better sleep• stress reduction, relief, and management• reduced levels of stress hormones• pain management and accelerated healing• improved mental health• improved physical health• better focus and concentration• reduction of anxiety and depression• reduction of irritability and anger• grounding and centering• reduction of blood pressure• relief from digestive problems• reduced hormonal imbalances

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