How Do I Fit Meditation Into My Busy Life?

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The question I hear most frequently is “how do I find time to meditate? I’m stressed enough already, trying to find time to meditate is even more stressful!” Life seems busier, more rushed, more full of stuff to do every year. So how do we find extra time to do the things that will, theoretically, make us feel calmer, more relaxed, more centered?

It used to be with meditation, the longer the better. Now, in the age of tweeting, texting and shortening attention spans people want something short and sweet. And actually, I think that’s just fine…

We are no longer in the days of retiring to a mountaintop to contemplate the Universe. Now life demands of us that we be participating in this world, as well as remembering that we are something greater than just busy little bodies checking our email. It demands that we find a rhythm of flowing with the material AND the spiritual. As Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield says “after enlightenment, there’s always the laundry.” (And I add, after every cool, cosmic, transformative experience, you still have to floss…)

So for many of us, meditation is changing it’s form. The newer guided imagery meditations I have written, like my newest “Releasing Stress, Finding Peace” are around 15 minutes long, and what’s fascinating to me that they work just as well! Especially if you factor in that more people can actually find time to listen to them!

I used to think it took a long time for people to sink into a meditative state. Maybe it used to… But I find that for me, meditation is not just the time I sit and breathe and go inward. It’s the 3 minutes I catch in between clients to pop outside and breathe the spring air and remember my connection to the world of nature. It’s a few deep breaths that I draw from the earth under my feet, the moment of joyous gratitude that expands my heart.

How we find our balance in this busy stressful life, how we find the time to breathe, to re-connect, to sink into our peaceful center is a subject that is crucial for us to explore. I invite you to look at where you can find those moments of going inward and finding calmness and gratitude and peace. I will be writing more on this, please let me know how you incorporate moments of meditation into your day…


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Andrea Conway - June 2, 2011

Carol – thanks for making it OK to keep meditation time brief! For years I aimed for an hour a day (and nearly always fell short). Meditation became another thing to be self critical about. I agree with you it’s about the quality of connection, that sense of resting into the heart of peace. The peace is always here – when I remember it. (One of my favorite short meditations is to take a minute to look at a photo of someone I love.)

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