Understanding Viruses: Colds, Ebola and Louis Pasteur

Viruses can be uncomfortable, like the common cold or potentially deadly like Ebola. But what they share in common is the requirement for a host in which they can take hold. On his deathbed, Louis Pasteur admitted that he had been wrong to focus on waging war against germs…

And he said that in fact, “the terrain is everything.” The terrain refers to the environment of our systems; physically, as well as emotionally. Is our immune system strong and alert to any invader? Or is it under constant stress and sluggish to react?

In a recent article by the Alliance for Natural Health they discuss how governments are overlooking natural remedies for Ebola. From simple basics like good nutrition and hygiene, to the wealth of natural antiviral treatments, there are so many inexpensive approaches available. Unfortunately, “inexpensive” is the operative word here. If no drug company can make money off the treatments there is little incentive to investigate them…

But there is so much we can do to strengthen and balance our terrain and improve our resistance to any kind of virus or bacteria.  A healthy diet with lots of vegetables and minimal sugar, plenty of water, adequate sleep and minimizing stress is the basis for a healthy immune system. But for many of us, our immune systems need some extra help and that’s where natural remedies  and holistic health come in.

I have talked at length in the past about the importance of keeping your vitamin D levels high, and one of the functions of vitamin D is to support the immune system and help it to fight infections. Vitamin C is also a great  immune supporter, and where it is available – which is admittedly hard to find – high dose intravenous vitamin C has been shown to be amazingly effective against serious viruses. But we can on our own take – as Linus Pauling has recommended for decades – high doses of buffered vitamin C to fight colds and other infections.  And some laboratory experiments on Ebola have shown that one of the ways that it decimates the immune system is by destroying all of the vitamin C in the body. So keeping our levels high with this very inexpensive vitamin could be extremely effective.

Severe infections, such as Ebola or the Avian Influenza (bird flu) are deadly in part because they create such a massive oxidative reaction in the system known as a cytokine storm. A diet high in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and the multitude of antioxidants  available both from vegetables and fruits and from specific supplements can help the body to recover from this deadly reaction.

A few of the other natural antivirals include olive leaf extract which is a very potent immune supportive herb, as well as anti-bacterial and antiviral. Oil of oregano, rosemary, grapefruit seed extract, and elderberry are very effective against microbes, and there are many medicinal mushroom formulas, such as AHCC  that are remarkable for supporting the immune system. And of course the extensive and ancient systems of Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathy.  There is a vast array of natural resources to support our immune systems and to fight viruses and bacterial infections. This is just a small sampling of what is available.

Perhaps the best weapon in our arsenal against viruses including Ebola is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used in various forms against infections from colds and sinus infections to MRSA and prevents viruses from replicating.  Because it is not a drug, microbes cannot develop resistance to it. It was widely used before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s. ” Silver has been used for at least six millennia to prevent microbial infections. It has been effective against almost all organisms tested.” according to J. Wesley Alexander in a lecture on the history of the medical use of silver Presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Surgical Infection Society, in  2005.  The scientists at the Alliance for Natural Health are now questioning why the World Health Organization is frantically searching for experimental drug therapies and ignoring this inexpensive and well researched natural remedy that we already have.

Both physically and energetically, our immune system is about our boundaries; what is me, and what is not me. What do I take in and what do I reject. Our immune systems can reflect in the physical world how we create and maintain our energetic boundaries. This is not a “blame the victim” perspective; getting sick does not mean there’s something wrong with you! But our bodies are tools with which we function in the physical world. And our terrain includes all of us, not just our bodies. So as we explore how our immune system functions and when and how we succumb to outside influences, it also gives us the opportunity to explore what in our lives we are willing to take in and what we might choose to reject or let go of.

I invite you to explore what in your life supports you and strengthens your terrain, and what stresses and weakens you on all levels. I welcome your comments and stories.

And I also invite you to contact me for a consultation either in person or by phone if you would like to explore ways in which you can strengthen and support your immune system and balance your terrain.

Yours in peace and health,


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Andrea Conway - October 28, 2014

Carol – Thank you for this sensible, straightforward and calming information. And for the reminder that we already possess so many natural and easy ways to strengthen our own immune system. I so appreciate your knowledge and wisdom!

Rev. Diane - October 28, 2014

Inspiring! Stress and lack of sleep are my Achilles heel. After reading your article I’m even more committed to self care.

Thank you for posting this.


Rev. Diane Epstein

Jana - October 31, 2014

Carol, this is a calming perspective as Andrea said. I, too, have wondered why Big Pharma is being asked by the United Nations to develop new medicines when these tried and true options are available. We’re strangling the health of the world’s population because of a greed for profit. Where’s the collaboration in that …

Will be sharing this article. Thank you so much!

Joy - October 31, 2014

Carol, thanks for this comforting perspective. I appreciate the reminders about the parts of our environment (including our mental and physical body) that we can control and make less receptive to things like Ebola. And I really like asking the question “What do I take in and what do I reject?” Especially with the hysteria of the media, do I take in fear and anxiety or do I focus on peace and calm? Thanks, Joy

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