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Transformation, Toxins and Butterflies

The milkweed plant is celebrated as the favorite food of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. It’s also quite toxic, and in munching its way through many leaves, the caterpillar stores enough toxins in its body to render it, and the resulting butterfly unattractive and dangerous to predators. We all absorb toxic experiences, relationships, patterns in our early life.How much do we hold onto as protection? MORE

The Presence of Absence…

When someone leaves your life, there is a space left behind, which we often perceive as absence.  But is it really absence? My experience of that space is that it has a very palpable presence to it, it is something in it’s own right. When someone close close to me died recently, it left that kind of presence, that sense that this is not nothing, it is something.  Something very new, very unknown, very mysterious, very profound… MORE

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