Transformation, Toxins and Butterflies

The milkweed plant is celebrated as the favorite food of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. It’s also quite toxic, and in munching its way through many leaves, the caterpillar stores enough toxins in its body to render it, and the resulting butterfly unattractive and dangerous to predators. We all absorb toxic experiences, relationships, patterns in our early life.How much do we hold onto as protection? As we transformed from children to adults and through the many stages of our lives, what do we hold on to? What do we let go of?

In EFT tapping, we start with tapping on the side of the hand, known as the karate chop point, a part of the small intestine meridian. The small intestine in our bodies is what controls what we absorb into our body as nutrition and what we eliminate. What do we take in, what do we release… And that becomes a lifelong process, with the experiences of our lives, and the memories, traumas, issues of our childhood… What do we keep, what do we let go of? What nourishes us, what needs to be eliminated?

The caterpillar goes through a fascinating metamorphosis into a butterfly. After it spins its cocoon, it basically dissolves into an amorphous goo, but there’s a structure inside that goo called the imaginal body, and that is what holds the blueprint of the butterfly that will emerge. So it’s not like the legs of the caterpillar turn into wings or anything that direct, it’s a dissolution, a dissolving, a letting go of form that allows it to transform into a completely new form and structure and shape and function.

So how do we transform ourselves? How do we allow the structures and forms of the past to dissolve? How do we hold onto the toxins we’ve blithely munched on? And how do we use our imagination, our own imaginal body, to create a new way of being in the world, new wings…

I’ve been pondering transformation a lot lately… As the people around me grow older, how many of us continue to evolve and transform and find new shapes, new colors in which to inhabit our world? How do we hold on to those old forms, however toxic or rigid they may be?

This month is my 65th birthday. I am dedicating this next year to working with people who want to transform – might that be you?

Please contact me to schedule a free phone session to explore how I can help you find your new possibilities, with EFT Tapping, Energy techniques, guided imagery and transformational coaching. I look forward to helping you release what no longer serves you and choose what truly nourishes you and inspires your transformation.

There is always potential to shift and grow. There are always new ways to explore our lives. I invite you to tune into your imaginal body and explore your wings…

Yours in flight,


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