Loving what is – or how I learned to love and accept snow days

One of my favorite teachers, Byron Katie, talks about ‘loving what is’ – letting go of our innate, knee-jerk reactions of “I don’t like this, this is not what I want, this situation, this person, life should be different,” and just being present and accepting what is. Living in the Northeast this winter has been an interesting exercise in acceptance, in learning to be with what is, in this case snow, snow and more snow!

In my EFT work, a common tapping phrase that I use is “even though I have (this problem,) I can accept myself, my life just as it is.” Even though it is not what I might have consciously chosen, I can accept it anyway, and accept myself and my skillful and not so skillful responses to life, just as they are.

I have always loved the seasons, the shifting changing colors and temperatures. While the transformative energies of spring and fall are my slight favorites, I do love them all. Winter to me, has always been a time to slow down, enjoy the warmth of a fire, and move a little more inward. This year, though, it has been week after week of storms and frigid temperatures, housebound by icy roads, canceling clients and activities.

The challenge is how to love what seems to be costing you so much, and accept the gift it offers. How to love what is in front of you when it presents as disrupted schedules, lost work, lost income and huge bills for heat and plowing? Moving through, “I can’t believe this is happening to me!” to “what opportunity does this offer me?”

I guess I was lucky that the snow days happened week after week after week. I confess it took me a while to find peace with the whole experience, to wend my way through all my resistance to embrace the strange new rhythm of my life. To move from “life shouldn’t be like this” to loving my life just exactly as it is.

I cannot pretend that I hope next winter will be like this one, the cost and the suffering to people and businesses has been enormous. But I can hope that in similar situations, where nature, weather and life itself force us to stop in our tracks and take an unexpected snow day, that we find the grace to look for the opportunities it offers. That we turn “this shouldn’t be happening” to “this is what is happening,” and reach within our hearts to love it, just as it is.

For more of Byron Katie’s work, visit her website TheWork.com.

Yours in Acceptance,


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Andrea Conway - February 21, 2011

Carol – I just read this post after 5 days straight of computer problems: printer hardware went kaput, monitor for my desktop system went blank (new one on the way but system unusable in the meantime), and a less-than-two-month-old hard disk in my laptop crashed this evening…leaving me with only a BlackBerry to run my business. And how grateful I am for that! All is well – it’s just a matter of perspective as you point out so well. Andrea

Revernd Diane Epstein - February 23, 2011

Carol—It’s insane to rail against what is. Yet, when we don’t get our way it’s so easy to go there. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll go shovel some more snow!

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