Ancestral patterns – what we take on that isn’t ours…

EFT Master Jaqui Crooks teaches some brilliant work on clearing ancestral energies –  you know, the stuff we took on from our parents and their parents before them and on and on and on… I was privileged to study this work with her some years ago and have been using it more recently. 

We learned a very elegant tapping technique to clear these energies, and restore ourselves to our original field. Sometimes these pre-verbal experiences are like computer viruses, contaminating our energy field and we need to clear them out. I am planning a workshop on clearing ancestral patterns for the fall, I look forward to sharing her powerful work with you.

Being in your mother’s womb, floating, marinating in the emotions she was experiencing was a very powerful, formative experience. Babies feel the whole world is them, they aren’t able to differentiate between what is them, what is someone else. What are their feelings and what are the feelings of those around them.

You can begin to explore this whole concept by thinking about what was going on in the field around you before you were born, and reminding yourself that it wasn’t your energy, it was just the stuff swirling around you. It made me think of the stories I had heard about what was going on in my family before I was born, and it explains a lot about some of the emotional patterns I carry!

What image comes to you when you imagine the emotions your parents were feeling around your birth? There was probably such a mix; fear, excitement, anxiety, joy, worry, maybe panic or terror. How do you imagine those energies affecting you? I see them like a dark smoke swirling around me, and coating my skin. Realizing that it was just a coating on my skin, not actually a part of me allowed me to release it  – “they were not my feelings, they were my parents’, and I was just a baby and I thought they were mine, and realizing that they weren’t, I can let them go.”

I believe that transformation is more about being who we really are, than about becoming something else. So clearing the junk that isn’t us, allows us to be more fully who we really are, underneath all the stuff we take on. There are many techniques for clearing our stuff. Because the stuff we take on is energy, I believe that working energetically, through energy medicine and energy psychology tools such as tapping, are the most potent ways to clear these patterns.

This fall, I will be starting a new teaching format in which I can share with you more of these tools for healing and transformation. Stay tuned!

Yours in Peace,


You can learn more about Jaqui’s work at Beacon Training.

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