Finding Balance – EFT and the Bigger Picture

We humans tend to focus on what’s wrong, and like a dog licking a sore paw, we go over and over our stuff. The Energy Psychology technique EFT is one of my favorite techniques for clearing stuff and finding balance. It provides a unique way to expand your focus, to broaden your view and create some welcome space for healing.

In EFT, we use words to bring the issue, problem, trauma, whatever to our consciousness, and then tap on acupuncture meridian points (known as Meridian Tapping) to clear the energetic connection to the problem. We also expand our focus to find a place of balance. Even though I have this problem, I am also something greater than this problem; there is a larger reality, a bigger picture, a place of balance and peace.

What happens when we expand our perception, when we find a bigger picture? Suddenly our problems are not filling our whole view screen and we can remember that there is more that exists. It’s not just saying, ‘yeah, you’ve got problems, but children are starving…’ it’s reminding our inner self, the part that’s tense or stressed or freaking out or triggered by past experiences that there is a place where everything is OK. And it calms the stress response, soothes the frightened inner dog (see my blog post on the inner dog) and says, ‘we’re really OK, just as we are.’

Basic EFT uses the format  “even though I have this problem, I love and accept myself.” I find that for most of us, ‘I love and accept myself’ is a hard thing to say and really be in integrity with it. Part of us is usually saying “nonsense! I don’t really love and/or accept THIS!”

I like to elaborate on it to expand the focus: “even though I have this problem, upset, issue, story, there is a potential place of balance and self-acceptance. I can love and accept myself – even with all this stuff.” Even though I am hurt, I can find peace and safety. Even though I am scared, I can honor myself for my courage…

Now just talking about it doesn’t accomplish the same effect, as you have probably experienced. It’s the energetic piece, the activation of the energy circuits by tapping on meridian points that facilitates the shift. I love using these Energy Psychology techniques to help people expand their field and find peace and freedom.

If you’d like to know more about this fascinating approach to healing or schedule a session with me by phone or in my office, please contact me.

Yours in expansion,


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Nicola Frahm - March 24, 2011

Dear Carol, I am a Brain Gym Consultant in South Africa, who was told during my training that EFT is a very good way of shifting ‘stuff’, and that we should explore it. Well I did, and what a wonderful techique it is. I find it especially helpful with shifting fear-based emotions and reactions, as well as a self-help tool for when I feel really stuck and overwhelmed. Somewhere along the line I found your website and visited your blog for the first time today. Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you are doing, it is inspirational to me. In our country energy work is not well accepted yet, even Brain Gym is viewed with suspicion, but I love BG, EFT, Quantum Touch, Touch for Health, The emotions code work, chakra work, wow its all fabulous, and believe that when the time is right I will have more clients than I can handle. I have been feeling ready to run for weeks without doing anything to help myself. You have inspired me this morning to do some tapping for my own issues… thank you for that as well…

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