Letting Go of Our Old Stuff with Guided Imagery…

We talk about letting go in a lot of different contexts, but what does it really mean? We take stress and trauma into our body and energy field, and that’s fine, it is how we function as physical beings. Where it becomes a problem is when we keep it and carry it with us for the rest of our lives. Our traumas and experiences and beliefs – whether they are conscious, or buried deep in our unconscious – continually impact how we function in the present.

Tapping and imagery work give us simple and elegant tools to bring this stuff into our awareness and truly let it go. Not just mentally, by talking about and  analyzing it, but by actually physically releasing it from our body and most importantly, from our energy field. Imagery and metaphor is the language our body-minds use to communicate, and by working with the images that arise, we can access the roots of our issues, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. I have worked with guided imagery with clients for over 35 years as well as for my own personal healing and am constantly amazed at the power and simplicity of this work. I invite you to explore some of my guided imagery meditation CD’s or mp3’s, like “Releasing Stress, Finding Peace” or “Being At Peace With Choices” to experience the power of guided imagery for letting go.

Tapping brings in an added dimension by using the ancient energy points of the acupuncture meridian system to help release the stuff we hold in our bodies and our energy systems. I have been working with different tapping techniques for many years and continually find new ways to integrate them into the other kinds of body work and energy work I do. I find it a fascinatingly creative process, and am always inspired by the work people do to let go of what no longer serves them and find deep healing.

Like cleaning out your closets, letting go of your old stuff creates the energetic space for new stuff, new ways of being in your body, new ways of being in your life. New energetic space for healing, for inner peace.

I encourage you to contact me if it feels like time to clear your field – I’d love to help you let go of  some old stuff!

Yours in clearing,


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