Detox and Cleanse Your Body and Mind…

Everyone is talking about detox these days. We are suddenly obsessed with how polluted our bodies are and what strange concoctions we must drink to purify ourselves. But detoxification is something that our bodies do all the time, every moment. Detoxing is not something that we need to do to our bodies, but a process that our bodies do that we need to support…

We can support it by providing our bodies with all the ingredients that they need to efficiently detoxify, and we can support it with our choices of what we expose ourselves to.  As we help our body to more efficiently and safely clear out the chemicals and toxins that we are inevitably exposed to in this modern world, it is important to also look at how we are toxic in our thoughts.

So as we think about what we want to take in – through food or nutritional supplements – to help our bodies detoxify, it is also important to think about what we think, about the language that we use when we talk to ourselves and when we talk about ourselves. When we speak about our bodies, how often does our language  focus on what we are unhappy with and what doesn’t work the way that we would like it to?  How often are we judgmental and critical in a way that we would never be to a person that we loved?  A periodic detox is a great way to support our systems in their endless tasks of coping with all the difficult stuff we are exposed to. Chemicals and pollution, poor diet  and stress are obvious, but also  how does the negative input of our judgmental minds take a toll on us?

Imagine taking a brief hiatus from all of this. A time to be mindful and loving of what we put into our bodies, supporting their hard-working detoxification systems with all the nutrients they need. And also a time to be mindful and loving of what we think about our bodies, how we talk about our bodies, our internal and external language and judgment.

This spring, I am offering several different detox and cleanse programs through my Kingston office. In these easy and safe two to four week programs, I supply you with detox protein shakes and supplements to support your body to cleanse and detoxify in a safe and gentle manner, and you feed yourself clean, healthy, non-inflammatory foods. I also offer exercises and tools – using EFT Meridian tapping and guided imagery – to support your mind in  detoxing from negative and stressful habits.   Your body hears every word you say and changing your language can be a powerful way to change your health and your relationship to your body.

For more information and registration,  call me at 845-657-7545 to discuss which program would be best for you.

There are many popular detox programs out there, some are healthy and safe, some can actually increase the toxicity in your body. Many popular detox programs were developed earlier in the 20th century before we were exposed to so many chemicals and before our food supply had devolved so greatly. The detoxification process in the body has two phases, each requiring different nutrients to function properly. Many types of fasts and cleanses do not provide the body with the nutrients that it needs to handle phase 2 of detoxification, and so the byproducts of phase 1 build up in the system. Some of these byproducts – if the body is not supported to continue on through the process – are actually more dangerous than the original toxins.

So a detox cleanse program – to really be healthy and safe – has to provide all the nutrients that the body needs to perform both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification processes.  This includes healthy, complete protein as well as a number of specific nutrients. A detox program does not have to be difficult or leave you hungry or with a massive headache or the symptoms of toxicity that are often called a “Healing Crisis.” A safe and healthy program will support your system on all levels bringing you to greater health and well-being.

Support your body in detoxing, but do it safely…


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