Changing Our Story – Reality is Relative…

We have experiences in our lives, and then we tell ourselves stories about what they mean, and then we live our life around the stories. So often the stories are not so happy, not so inspiring, and tend to leave us disempowered and upset. But if it’s my story, why can’t I just change it? The past shifts and changes anyway as our memories change or fade and come to resemble the story we’ve been telling more than what actually happened… So if you don’t like the story write a better one! I have been experimenting lately with changing some of my stories – re-framing and re-writing the stories I have been telling myself (and my friends!)

So many stories of ‘this happened, than she did that, and he did that, and then that happened’ and I feel sad or angry or disappointed or resentful or self righteous because of it…  Now I am writing new stories about healing and forgiveness, stories that leave out all those distressing details that we love to hash over and over in our minds.  Stories that make me feel happy and empowered. Stories, that when I tell them, people smile and say “wow that’s a great story, that’s inspiring!”

And I feel myself changing as I morph into the person who came out of those stories and shed the repercussions of things and events that I am no longer willing to acknowledge as significant. It gives”creating my reality” a whole new depth of meaning as I not only create my present but also re-create my past. And so, ultimately, also my future.

I invite you to think of one story that you have been telling for months or years or decades. One story, that is about how your life was hard or distressing or painful. And imagine how you could rewrite that story into one that is empowering and inspiring. For example, if you had a difficult or unhappy relationship no doubt you’ve told the story of that over and over again.

But what if it became a story about the healing that came from moving through that relationship and all you learned from it? What if it was a story of strength, or forgiveness, or compassion, or a new understanding of just how hard it is to be a human being. How would it feel to tell that story? How would it affect the people listening to it?

I would love to hear one of your new stories  and share it with all of my readers.  I invite you to be inspiring!

Yours in creation,


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