Spirituality and work…

What makes a person spiritual?” And how do we – whatever our job – bring our own sense of spirituality into our work?

There are so many different definitions of spirituality, and ultimately, it is only our own, personal definition that matters. But it is really just about how you function as a spiritual being in the world. All of the world. All of the time, not just Sundays…

For too many people, work is something that has to be done, something to get through, endure, get the paycheck that allows you live the rest of your life. But what if your job were an opportunity to express your sense of Spirit, and to connect with everyone you relate to from that place. How would that transform your day and your workplace?

The awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings reminds us that everyone we meet is also a spiritual being and allows us to meet from that place. In many Yoga traditions they greet each other with a Sanskrit phrase that means “I recognize and honor the Divine in you.” How would your work experience change, if you recognized and honored the Divine in each person you interacted with, whether or not you agreed with them or even liked them? Something magical happens when we connect- however briefly – from that place of recognition. I am more than just a flesh and blood person, I am a being of Spirit as well. And so are you…

We hear the term spiritual entrepreneur, what does that mean? Someone who does their work from a place that honors their Spirit, and that of their customers and clients. And that is something we all can do.

Honoring the Divine in you,


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