Self-Esteem: do I deserve to be happy?

We started with ‘what is happiness?’ for this season of the “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness” teleseminar series, but then I thought it was important to go back a step. So my second speaker was Dr. Joe Rubino talking about self esteem, what he calls “the most under-rated ingredient for success and happiness in life.” Understanding our self-esteem and how it has been compromised or damaged through our lives helps us clearly see what blocks us from our full potential, our full joy. Am I worthy of health, healing and happiness; do I deserve to be happy?

It is fascinating to look back at the messages we got, what we internalized, and especially the stories we have told ourselves and made into our creed.  Humans take “what happens” and make stories about what it means. It’s what we do, in our search for meaning, and we all do it very well! But then we are stuck with living out of a story made by a 5 year old or 3 year old or even a teenager!

There are many ways to find these old stories and clear and heal them. I love the way Joe Rubino guides people through this process, I find it simple and clear and empowering. If you think old stories and messages are holding you back from the health and happiness you deserve, or if you question whether you even deserve them, look more deeply into your self esteem. You can find new possibilities, new freedom in this healing process.

You can check out Joe Rubino’s book and get a free copy of “Seven Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” at The Self-Esteem Book

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