Enlightenment and flossing…

A friend just sent me this zen proverb “After enlightenment, the laundry.” And I thought, “and after every cool, cosmic, transformative experience, you still have to floss…”

We search for the peak experience, for the magic bullet, the Answer, the Way… Even if it existed, there’s still the regular Stuff of life; laundry, flossing, and no matter how many times you cut your toenails, you still have to do it again!

If only we could be content with the Yin and Yang of life, the excitement and the mundane, the epiphany and the falling back into our old unconscious habits, inhaling and exhaling, transformation and cleaning up dog poop.Our eternal search for transcendence makes us glorious – our stubborn denial of the mundane stuff of life makes us like ostriches.

What’s your favorite contradiction?

… and is it really contradiction, or is there really Yin and Yang, in-breath and out-breath, light and dark for a reason…

Yours in Stuff,


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Lynne Morrell - July 5, 2010

Enter your comments here…Some of my funny paradoxes…or is that paradox-i? Anyway…some of my funny whatevers are when I have an awesome session with a client…like we clear up some awful thingie and the call ends…I am feeling awesome and honored to be a part of someones journey…and all that good stuff…and then I get up out of my chair…feeling all so enlightened and brilliant…and then I notice that my dog has barfed on the floor. Sometimes I even step in it before I notice it 🙂 Slams me right back down on to the planet 🙂

Fun post Carol. Might just bounce off of it when I post next 🙂

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