The flu, fear and the magic flu shot…

I can’t stand it!  Summer’s barely over and everywhere I look they’re pushing flu shots! You can get a toxic cocktail of viral guesswork (the influenza viruses mutate very rapidly, so often the virus has changed by the time the vaccine is made, and the vaccine is useless) mixed with mercury and aluminum and a number of other toxic compounds at any pharmacy, and probably soon at your local McDonalds!

So you have to wonder, why are they pushing vaccines at us so hard this year? Could it be that they are really concerned about the horrible scary dangerous flu and just want to keep us safe? Or could it be that the drug companies didn’t succeed in scaring people enough about the swine flu last year and didn’t make the billions of dollars they had planned on? Hmmm…

Each year there is a panic about ‘the dreaded flu’ and a push for everyone, including children and pregnant women to get a flu shot. Last year’s campaign about the supposed Swine flu epidemic that never actually materialized was like an hysterical terrorism alert. Having the flu is not a fun or comfortable experience, but it is largely preventable (see my suggestions below) and rarely fatal, and it is questionable whether it justifies exposing all of us, especially children and fetuses to the chemicals in the vaccines. And flu shots are not the ‘magic cure’ that the drug companies would like us to believe.

There are potential dangers in being repeatedly injected with the toxic compounds that may be used in the vaccines, and some studies have looked at possible links between repeated vaccinations and increased incidence of Alzheimer’s. A recent review of studies showed that the flu vaccines are NOT effective in preventing the flu or “influenza-like illness” or pneumonia in the elderly population. (Efficacy and Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines in Elderly People: A Systematic Review. The Lancet, October 1, 2005.) So what does it prevent? And how many of you know someone who got a flu shot, then got a “influenza-like illness” from the vaccine?

So why are we being encouraged to get a “magic” flu shot every year??? There is a popular statistic that 36,000 people die from the flu each year. The truth is, approximately 35,000 of those deaths are from pneumonia, usually secondary bacterial pneumonia, in people with underlying immune or respiratory problems. (see for more info) This mis-leading statistic is used to promote the fear that the flu is a dangerous epidemic that warrants using un-proven vaccines on the whole population!

My work is dedicated to empowering you to create your own path to health, so here’s some empowering information about taking care of yourself and your family’s health this winter. You are welcome to pass this along to your friends and family.

PREVENTION IS THE KEY. People with healthy immune systems and optimal Vitamin D levels rarely have problems dealing with seasonal viruses. Even if your immune system is compromised, there are still things you can do to protect yourself.

1- REMEMBER THAT FEAR IS MORE CONTAGIOUS AND DEADLY THAN ANY VIRUS. Listen to your body and bathe it in love, safety and happiness. Visualize health and balance in your immune system and your entire body. Be fearless. Listen to wise teachers for inspiration and guidance and above all, honor your intuition and your inner wisdom.

2- MINIMIZE EXPOSURE TO VIRUSES. Stay away from people who are visibly sick. Don’t use other people’s pens, phones, and don’t shake hands! Wash your hands with soap and water after handling money (very germy stuff!) shopping carts, doorknobs, public bathrooms, etc.

3- DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES, NOSE OR MOUTH if your hands are not clean! These viruses get into your system through eyes, nose and mouth.

4- DON’T LET THE VIRUS TAKE HOLD IN YOUR SYSTEM. It generally takes 2-3 days for the virus to propagate in your system. Daily cleansing of your nose with a Neti pot, Lavage or other nasal douche system cleans viruses out of your nasal passages before they can dig in and multiply. Gargling daily with warm salt water and drinking lots of hot teas clears them out of your throat. Tears contain immune cells that wash away and neutralize viruses and bacteria.

5- SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM -eat a healthy, whole foods diet; eat plenty of protein, get lots of antioxidants from colorful vegetables and fruits, avoid sugar and excessive caffeine and alcohol.

-drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and drink herbal teas and green tea to support your system.

-take a good multivitamin and extra Vitamin C, Zinc and fish oils

-get plenty of sleep; your immune system restores itself during deep sleep (for help, try my CD “Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep”)

-consider taking immune supporting supplements such as olive leaf, echinacea, garlic, cordyceps, astragulus, colostrum, probiotics and monolaurin.

6- OPTIMIZE YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS. Low levels of Vit. D are linked to higher risk of flu and other infections. Have your 25-OH Vit. D levels tested, optimal levels are now recommended to be 60-80 ng/ml. Many doctors will tell you you are fine if your level is above 30. This is not high enough according to the most up to date research. Most people need a minimum of 2000-5000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 per day just to maintain their levels. To raise your Vitamin D levels, if you cannot get it from regular sun exposure without sunscreen, (which those of us far from the equator cannot during winter months) you may need a much higher intake. See my blog on Vitamin D or the Vitamin D Council for more info.

7- MANAGE YOUR STRESS. Breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, imagery, fun and love support your immune function better than any drug or supplement. Listen to your body, be kind to your body and help it to protect you!


-Explore herbal or homeopathic cold and flu remedies. Homeopathic remedies work best when taken at the first sign of illness, and taken frequently in the beginning. Herbal immune supports can be taken throughout the season.

-Consider homeopathic Oscillococcinum. If you feel like you are coming down with the flu, or if you are exposed to someone with the flu directly, you can take one dose twice a day for several days. You can also consider one half to one vial once or twice a week throughout the winter as a preventative measure.

-Consider natural antimicrobial supplements (olive leaf,  garlic, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, colostrum, monolaurin, probiotics and a host of others)

-Increase your Vitamin C, A, D, Zinc and water

-Fever is the body’s way of increasing immune system activity. Unless you have a high fever, let your body work naturally whenever possible. (Consult your healthcare practitioner in the case of high fevers especially with young children.)

-Colds and flus are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics only kill bacteria and therefore do nothing for a viral infection. Avoid antibiotics unless your doctor has determined that you have developed a secondary bacterial infection. The unnecessary use of antibiotics weakens your system and makes you more susceptible to further illnesses.


The recommendation that everyone get a yearly flu shot clearly benefits the drug companies that make the vaccines, but not necessarily the people who get them. Ask questions, do some research, be very sure that a vaccine is the right choice for you and your family before you let anyone inject you with something of possible risk and questionable benefit. IT’S YOUR BODY! LISTEN TO IT, LOVE IT AND TAKE CARE OF IT.

Yours in health and empowerment,


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David Road - October 4, 2010

I was a physician in practice for 56 years. From 1952 on I worked as a Family Physican. I have never allowed myself or my family to have flu shots and I discouraged my patients from doing also. I have not had influenza since the 1920’s and my family have never had problems either. I am careful to maintain a good exercise program and I have always eaten a healthy diet. For the last many years I have been a vegetarian but still eating fish and dairy products. So I heartily agree with everything in your article. with love David

Yaacov Kravitz - October 4, 2010

Carol, This is a great article. Very informative. I wonder what you think of T. Collin Campbell’s book The China Study which raises very serious questions about the high levels of protein in the average person’s diet in industrialized countries. His data strongly support a plant based diet for optimal health.

Noreen Barron - October 6, 2010

Hi Carol,

Great post. There are so many natural, and free, ways we can help our own health! I personally would never take the flu vaccine and I can’t remember the last time I took antibiotics! They are not effective against viruses anyway! I try and get as much sunshine as possible and one thing I find really helps my immune system stay strong, as well as eating well, exercise etc. is tapping my thymus every day. I learned this from the lovely John Diamond.


Lynne Morrell - October 6, 2010

Enter your comments here… Great blog post Carol! I have been ranting about this subject for the last few years. It drives me nuts how the flu shots are advertised!! This year there is a new commercial (I think it’s for ‘flu shots at Walgreen’s’). It shows this couple who have heart stickers on their arms…showing that they are getting flu shots cuz they love the other person.
This is such a manipulative commercial!
Anyway, thanks for this post…I am gonna pass it along 🙂

Carol - October 6, 2010

Thanks for your great comments. The function of our immune systems is to differentiate what is self, from what is not self – what is me, and what is a potential invader. A healthy immune system has no problem identifying a virus or bacteria and taking the appropriate actions to inactivate it. Our immune systems are so overwhelmed and under-supported in our toxic environment, that this doesn’t always work so smoothly! But there is so much – as you have all so wisely suggested – that we can do to support our systems.

Plants have their own forms of protection from invaders. When our diets are rich in plant-based foods, we take in these substances ( bioflavinoids, antioxidants, etc.) and use them to support and protect our bodies.

If more people knew that, maybe they’d eat more vegetables!

Yaacov, nice to hear from you. I’m not familiar with the book, but certainly with the concept. I lean toward the Paleolithic diet concept; lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and lean, organic animal protein. The way we ate for millenia before agriculture and processed foods were invented!

Noreen, thanks for the reminder about the Thymus Thump. A great and incredibly simple way to strengthen the whole immune system.

Cheryl Sutton - October 12, 2010

Enter your comments here…Hi Carol,
I’m an RN working in Mother-Baby unit in a hospital, I am REQUIRED to get the flu shot
or wear a mask from Nov. 1 to March 31. Obviously the owners of the company have stock in the pharmaceutical company making the vaccine but people don’t look past the hype and request the flu shot while in the hospital. Many of my fellow nurses get their young children/babies the flu shot and don’t research the damage they’re doing to their children. I haven’t rec’d the flu vaccine this year and I will probably resign on Nov. 1 and hope to find employment more suited to my belief system. People need to be aware of the communism spreading through our society, today the flu shots, tomorrow, the chips to be imbedded in our arms. Wake up folks !! We are under attack!Please pray for us in healthcare, Cheryl

Carol - October 12, 2010

Cheryl, I appreciate what a difficult position you are put in working in healthcare regarding mandatory vaccinations. Last year in NY they were trying to mandate that all healthcare workers get the Swine Flu vaccine – a fast-tracked totally un-tested vaccine for an imaginary epidemic. I know of a few people who were ready to resign rather than jeopardize their own health. A hard choice – and one that people should not be forced to make, especially dedicated healthcare workers!

I honor your choice to leave rather than violate your principles and I am sure you will find a way to use your skills and talents in alignment with your beliefs. I wish you the best in your next phase of work.

Cindy Caldwell - December 2, 2010

Carol —

I enjoyed reading this post about vaccines, as I’ve held this personal belief for years, yet am not a medical professional or otherwise ‘in the know.’ I simply have a strong belief about drugs in general and putting toxins into my body. I don’t even take an aspirin/Tylenol/etc. unless absolutely necessary. And luckily, that is extremely rare.

Thanks for your insight. I’m going to keep tabs on your information.


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