Releasing Stress, Finding Peace…

The CDs of my new guided imagery meditation Releasing Stress, Finding Peace just arrived! I am so thrilled to have this concrete product of months of work finally in my hands. It has been a vision of mine for a long time to create a guided imagery meditation on letting go of stress, and finding that elusive connection with the deep place of peace that dwells within us.

I think it is my favorite piece of work – and working with the very gifted composer Dennis Yerry of the Hawk Project (who turns out to live right down the road from me!) brought it all together.

So I am shamelessly saying “if you know anyone who is stressed, buy them a copy!” The toxic and damaging effects of stress are so detrimental to body, heart, mind and spirit. Take a quarter of an hour to let it go and re-balance your system. It is available on mp3 and CD on my website, and you can listen to a sample right here:

Click here to listen

What do we do about stress? We try to manage it, control it, adapt to it and tolerate it.  I think too often in our busy culture it just means we stuff it somewhere out of the way, like our shoulder or neck or jaw muscles, our stomach or intestines… Mentally, we try to shove it into the dusty recesses of our consciousness and pretend it isn’t there, for after all, life is stressful, and we just have to keep going…

But stress impacts us on all levels, body, heart, mind and spirit. So to really deal with it, and give our whole being a much needed break, means releasing it, letting it go – if only for a few precious moments – and allowing ourselves to sink into the sweet depths of inner peace.

My new CD is designed to do just that; to guide you to let go of physical, emotional and mental stress and float in the the peacefulness of your own safe, inner space. I invite you to take this unique guided journey, carried by my words and the beautiful, original soundtrack and release your stress, and find that precious place of peace within.


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