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My Programs

I offer personalized programs that incorporate holistic life and wellness coaching, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, energy therapies, intuitive EFT and personalized guided imagery in the combination that works best for you. These programs allow you to make a commitment to your health and wellness, knowing that you have expert guidance and support for every step of your journey.  ​We can work together to co-create the program that will best meet your needs. 

In order to determine if we are a good match to work together, and design the program that will work best for you, I begin with a complimentary half hour consultation. It's a great opportunity for you to learn more about how I work and to see if we resonate. Please CLICK HERE  to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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Some kind comments...

"Carol is a healing artist, a transformational facilitator, a doctor of the soul." Andrew Ramer, Author, Healer – San Francisco, CA

Carol Robin is first and foremost, a healerHer voice, her intuition, her presence and her knowledge intertwine to become a gift to all who listen to her." Debby Franke-Ogg, Psychotherapist – Olivebridge, NY

"Carol brings to her work a full spectrum of gifts and skills: intelligence, sensitivity, knowledge, groundedness, training, experience, integrity – and wonderful hands! Equally important to me, she has the courage and humility to attend to her own healing process, which makes her able to bring to her clients a full presence and true compassion." Susan Ray – Saugerties, NY

"I have been a client of Carol’s for many years. Her style of working is gentle and very effective. She is brilliantly intuitive in her treatment and knowledge of the human body..." F. Fitzpatrick, Samsonville, NY

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