Transforming Cancer Surgery

If you, or someone you love is facing cancer surgery, “Transforming Cancer Surgery” can help transform anxiety, fear and stress into confidence, optimism and empowerment. Dr. Robin has worked with cancer and general surgery patients for over 30 years, both in preparation for and recovery from surgery. This guided imagery meditation brings you her skilled, reassuring voice to give you your own private session anytime, day or night.

Guided imagery has been shown to improve the surgery experience, minimizing pain and complications, and speeding recovery. Dr. Carol Robin’s unique synthesis of guided imagery and meditation creates a simple, yet powerful process to use in preparation for and recovery from cancer surgery. Surgery has been found to be more successful and less traumatic when you are optimistic, empowered, and involved with your own preparation and recovery. This unique mp3 guides you to transform your images and expectations of surgery and recovery to positive, healing images that support your own individual process and health. Creatively working with your images and intentions in your preparation and recovery, can help make your surgery an experience of true healing and transformation.

“Transforming Cancer Surgery” uses the “Four Steps To Center™” meditation technique developed by Dr. Robin to expertly guide you into a deep meditative state. By working with imagery and visualization in a state of meditation, you can more powerfully access the mind-body connection and your innate healing abilities. Combining imagery with meditation magnifies the effectiveness of the imagery to help you prepare for and recover from surgery more quickly and easily.

NO MEDITATION EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. This product is designed for use by both beginners and experienced meditators. This technique can help you achieve a meditative state, even if you have never successfully meditated before.

Guided imagery and visualization used in preparation for, and recovery from surgery has been shown to promote faster healing, decrease post-surgical pain, nausea, and complications, decrease fear and anxiety and promote a sense of confidence and empowerment. It is also a natural treatment for the anxiety, fear and insomnia that can accompany surgery, and can help you engage your natural healing capacities, and help your treatment be more effective and profoundly healing.

Rather than a trauma to endure, or something to minimize and just “get through,” cancer surgery can in fact, be a positive, healing, health promoting experience.

The “Four Steps To Center™” meditation technique developed by Dr. Robin works with the four levels of being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to promote greater health, healing and peace and a better surgical experience and outcome.  It can help you to release fear and anxiety, support natural healing and help transform your surgery and recovery into a healing, health renewing, empowering experience.

You have untapped healing ability within you; “Transforming Cancer Surgery” can help you find it.

Transforming Cancer Surgery “is a profound tool for inquiring into the healing potential of cancer surgery. Carol Robin is a trustworthy and skilled guide who enables the listener to create their own possibilities for transformation. Her deep, calm voice facilitates delving deeply into one’s own experience without being obtrusive or imposing an agenda. This CD helps create a space of safety, calmness and healing around the entire surgical experience. I highly recommend it.” Dr. B. Gintis – Santa Cruz, CA

“Dr. Robin’s tape was pivotal in my recovery from cancer surgery. It helped me to really ‘hear’ what my body was trying to tell me about pacing myself, dealing with stress, and nurturing myself back to health. Years later, I still pay attention to my body in a completely different way than I ever did before. I attribute my continued good health, in part, to my new relationship to my body.” A. Shor – New York, NY