Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep

“Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep” is a guided meditative journey into relaxation, peacefulness, and deep, healing sleep. Do not plan on hearing the end! Let this beautiful journey guide you to drift into a great night’s sleep, and wake up more rested and rejuvenated.

Do you toss and turn, unable to relax ? Do you long to drift into sleep and wake up rested and full of energy? Do you wish sleep was a time of healing and rejuvenation? Then this is may be the mp3 for you…

Listening to “Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep” at bedtime, can help you achieve a better quality of sleep, as well as a better quantity of sleep, by helping you move into the relaxed, peaceful state that naturally leads to therapeutic, healing sleep. In deep sleep, your body restores itself; your cells rejuvenate, your immune system re-charges and your brain and nervous system re-balance. With daily deep, restful sleep, your mind is clearer, your body is stronger and healthier and your heart is more peaceful.  You wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, with better energy and no morning grogginess.

The first track guides you to sleep, and if you are like most people, you won’t be awake to hear the end of it! The music-only second track continues the journey, allowing you to go deeper and deeper into restorative, restful sleep so you can just let the mp3 run to the end.

“Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep” uses Dr. Carol Robin’s unique guided imagery meditation technique, Four Steps to Center™ to relax, re-balance and re-connect your body, heart, mind and spirit, guiding you into a profoundly restorative sleep. No experience with guided imagery, visualization or meditation is necessary. Just lie down, listen to the mp3, and let yourself drift into profoundly restful, healing sleep.

“The first time I tried Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep I wanted to listen to it all the way through to see what it was about. I started to doze off very quickly, and found that I had to get up and walk around the room so that I could stay awake to hear it all the way through! Now, I just pop it into my CD player, drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Amazing! Thanks!” J. Sven – Kingston, NY

“Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep is a godsend for my clients in early recovery from substance abuse. One young woman who was two weeks clean and sober from heroin, crack and alcohol addiction thought that she’d never sleep again. She decided that she needed to “take a little something again, just to get some sleep.” I asked her to try Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep rather than drugs for a night our two. She called the next day to tell me that she’d had a full night’s sleep! She’s now four months clean and sober, and continues to enjoy restful and healing sleep every night that she plays her CD. Thank you!” J. Elvens, HIV Prevention Specialist

“The day I received Dr. Carol Robin’s CD, “Restful Sleep, Healing Sleep” was particularly hectic, and I looked forward to bedtime. As the CD began, I was immediately taken by the calm, soothing, rhythmic sound of Carol’s dulcet voice as she gently guided me into a relaxed state. I felt comforted, safe, and peaceful as I drifted asleep; the natural sound of the ocean waves provided a perfect background. While I followed the guided imagery, I never did hear the rest of the CD and I slept deeper than I had in a long time; I woke up feeling great!” H. Kramer – New Paltz, NY