Opening and Completing Your Day

Are you looking for a meaningful way to begin and end your day? Something that is grounding, centering and doesn’t take too long? Dr. Carol Robin’s “Opening and Completing Your Day,” is a set of 15 minute morning and evening meditations that create an energetic container for your day, and help you create a day filled with peace and possibilities. 

In just 15 minutes each morning, “Opening to Your Day” can help ground and center you and help you move into your busy life with a sense of intention, clarity and peacefulness. You can be present to the gifts and challenges of each day from a place of deep connection to your body, heart, mind and spirit.

Each evening, “Completing Your Day” takes you on a guided journey inward, to the place of clarity, gratitude, acceptance and peace that lies deep within your center.

Let Dr. Carol Robin gently and expertly guide you to a place of relaxation and centering, where you can create a day filled with peace and possibilities. These beautiful guided imagery meditations, with Carol’s calm, centering voice and words, and the exquisite original music of Gus Mancini will effortlessly carry you to a place of deep transformation and peace.

The sun rises, the sun sets… Each day has a beginning and an end, a container that carries us in a gentle rhythm through our lives. But in our modern life, with it’s stress and busyness and 24 /7 access to everything, we often lose our connections to these natural rhythms.

These two guided imagery meditations can create a safe container for your day; beginning and ending, opening and completing in relaxation, centering and balance. In the busiest of days, in just 15 minutes these guided journeys can help you find the tools to create your life the way you want it. A life of healing, transformation and peace is waiting for you, and these guided imagery meditations can be a powerful ally on your path.

“I highly recommend this recording for everyone that has a mind! As I began to drink in the sweet relaxation that Dr. Carol Robin offers in her “Opening To Your Day” guided meditation, I became painfully aware of how unruly my mind actually is. Thankfully, Carol’s calm and comforting voice paired with her delicious music gently drew me back, time and again to the experience of stillness and peace.” Jan Luther, EFT Master