Four Steps to Center

Four Steps To Center™ is an innovative meditation technique developed by Dr. Carol Robin that can help you relax and meditate in less than 30 minutes.

Are you new to meditation? Have you tried to meditate and been frustrated?

The Four Steps To Center™ technique was developed by Dr. Robin to help her clients who were frustrated with trying to meditate on their own. It is a simple and effective technique that uses the four levels of being, body, heart, mind and spirit as steps to reach your center. It begins with the body and our physical sensations and then guides you through the heart, place of our emotions, the mind, place of thoughts, to the spirit, the place of connection to who we really are, the place of our center.

Carol guides you effortlessly into a relaxed state, and then takes you through each level, helping you relax the tensions, reduce the distractions and release the concerns and stresses that prevent you from moving into relaxation and finding your center.

With regular practice, you can learn to easily shift your consciousness in and out of a meditative state, and use this technique on your own to enjoy the peacefulness and healing that await you in your center.

Track 1- an introduction to the Four Steps To Center™ meditation technique (30 minutes)

Track 2- Earth and Sky, Body and Spirit is a guided journey, using the Four Steps process to connect the energies of body and spirit and allows time for your own inner work and exploration. (30 minutes)

Carol’s guided meditations are both practical enough for a beginner, and profound enough for an experienced seeker. She brings an indescribable measure of calm and wisdom to every aspect of her practice. Everyone I have ever given Carol’s CDs to, and that includes just about everyone I know, has found them to be the best of their kind. B. Schade – Rosendale, NY

Four Steps To Center is a very cool CD. It de-mystifies the whole meditation thing so that for the first time, I felt like I could really learn to do it. The music and her voice are very relaxing, and I like the simplicity of the system. I recommend it to anyone who has tried and failed to learn to meditate.” B. Strozzi – Phoenix, AZ

“I have tried many meditation classes, tapes and CDs over the years, but could never get the hang of it. Listening to your CD I finally got it!” R.T. – Kingston, NY

This mp3 is recommended for people who wish to learn to meditate, or have had difficulty learning to meditate. Experienced meditators will find this technique a welcome new perspective to enrich their current meditation practice.