Being at Peace with Choices

“Being at Peace with Choices” is a guided imagery meditation to help you find self-acceptance and peace. In the most challenging of times, the most difficult decisions,  you can find a powerful place of peace and safety within yourself.

In this unique and beautiful guided journey, Dr. Carol Robin creates a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing space in which you can be present with all of your thoughts and feelings, validating and empowering your choices.

Underneath your feelings and concerns, underneath the challenges of life, underneath your breath, there is a place of safety and peace. This guided imagery meditation mp3 can help you find that place, and find the healing tools that you carry within yourself to be at peace with your choices and your life.

You may be dealing with a major life change or decision, such as marriage, divorce or relationship changes, job changes, re-locating, decisions about having children, abortion, or major health issues. It is common to experience many different feelings, like stress, anxiety, fear, loss, depression, grief, anger or guilt.

It is also always possible to find a place of peace with your life choices and challenges. This mp3 can help you find that place of empowerment and peace. Life can be challenging, but we carry powerful tools within us. “Being at Peace with Choices” shows you how to access them.

“Being at Peace with Choices” uses the calm, beautiful voice and centering wisdom of Dr. Carol Robin along with a beautiful, original soundtrack by composer Cathie Malach. Together they create a safe, supportive, nurturing space, that acknowledges the multitude of often conflicting and confusing emotional reactions that can surface with profound decisions.

Dr. Carol Robin has over 35 years of experience in using guided imagery and visualization and guided meditation to help people work with a variety of physical and emotional issues. She is a master at guiding people into the deep levels where they can access inner healing and peace. Her reassuring and empowering guidance and expertise help people recognize and develop the powerful healing tools they carry within themselves.

Cathie Malach, composer and musician, has been creating healing music for over thirty years. She has recorded several CDs, improvises and writes music for workshops and guided visualizations, and performs at conferences for the healing arts and social change.