Living In Your Body…

I believe our most important job right now is to learn how to live in our bodies. How to manage all the distracting input of our physical senses, our unruly, roller coaster emotions, our busy drunken monkey minds, the stresses and strains of living on a wobbly planet with it’s own agenda and weather patterns and still remember that we are more than all of it.

How do we deal with gravity and digestion and inflammation and enlightenment? It’s a full time job. Fortunately, we have lots of tools. We have healing foods and medicines, we have energy systems and meridians, we have our amazing capacity for imagery and metaphor and meditation and laughter. And we are not alone…

I named my blog “Living In Your Body” because we are here, on Earth, in these amazing and frustrating physical forms with no owner’s manual, no training wheels and no reset button. My intent is to address different aspects of our experience that randomly catch my fancy and share with you my experience, knowledge, intuition and  the wisdom of both ancient and modern teachings to be of service to you on your journey.

Gabrielle Roth (author of Sweat Your Prayers)  said: “Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.” I love that image, that sense of the vastness and mystery within each of our physical bodies. I welcome your requests as to which parts of that wilderness you would like me to explore with you.

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