Imagery and imagination…

Imagery comes from the same root word as ”imagination,” and describes the way your mind and body communicate, through images, words, feelings or sensations. Like guided meditation, guided imagery can be facilitated by another person or guide, or guided by you yourself. In my work, I use guided imagery combined with meditation to create a relaxed, focused state in which your guided imagery can be more powerful and more effective.

The word “imagine” describes the ability to form images and ideas in the mind. Our creation of images is an innate, natural ability of all human beings. Often used interchangeably with the term “visualization,” the word “imagery” actually gives a more accurate sense of this mode. Where the word visualization implies that we are using our sight or vision, in fact, people have many different ways of imaging or imagining. Some people do experience visual images or pictures, like watching a movie, or like actually being in the movie and seeing what is around them. For others, imagery may take the form of physical sensation or feelings, a kinesthetic experience. Some people are more auditory, their hearing is the most dominant sense in imagery, for some it is a sense of smell. Others may experience a sense of “knowing,” in their mind, their heart, or in their whole being that transcends the basic five senses. Which sense is most powerful for you?

Guided imagery has been studied extensively for many decades. It has been shown to improve a variety of health conditions, to minimize bleeding and complications in surgery and improve recovery, improve athletic performance, school performance, decrease anxiety and depression and a long list of other uses. It is simple, effective and can be used by anyone. I have used guided imagery for people going into surgery for over 30 years and seen significant improvements in their experience of surgery, as well as the rate of recovery.

Guided imagery meditations help you creatively work with images to create powerful changes in your life and health. The list below, is the same list I published last week about the benefits of meditation. By using imagery and meditation together, their effectiveness is magnified:

• relaxation• better sleep• stress reduction, relief, and management• reduced levels of stress hormones• pain management and accelerated healing• improved mental health• improved physical health• better focus and concentration• reduction of anxiety and depression• reduction of irritability and anger• grounding and centering• reduction of blood pressure• relief from digestive problems• reduced hormonal imbalances

Everything is possible…

Yours in imagination,


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