Giving It Over – Do I Really Have To Do It All Myself?

I just found a computer program that creates a fancy To Do list for me and I felt an immediate sense of relief. How much  mental energy do we use just trying to remember all the myriad details of life? And how relaxing it is to stop keeping track and give it over to someone or something else?

Giving it over is a powerful concept; acknowledging that we can’t and don’t have to do it all, that something else is there to the burden off of our shoulders. Any process of connecting to our higher self, to spirit, God, a higher power – whether in meditation, contemplation, prayer, dance, chanting, Yoga, or your favorite mode is a way of giving over, and letting go of the illusion that we are in this alone and have to do everything ourselves.

In western culture we are big on doing stuff – even meditation and prayer is often focussed on making things better, asking for things, fixing ourselves – on Doing rather than Being. Meditating, going inward, connecting to Nature or Spirit can also be just for the sheer joy of floating in that delicious space of connection and peacefulness. And the sheer relief of letting go of all the stuff we have to do and just remembering who and what we really are.

So do I really have to do it all myself? Can I let go of that overwhelming sense of responsibility and let a computer program remember my tasks and projects for me and let my higher self take care of the rest? For me, hanging out in the timeless, responsibility-less space of guided imagery meditation is essential. As I say in many of my guided imagery meditation CDs and mp3s, “… where there is nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to take care of, except your Self…”

I invite you to explore letting go of the stress and the illusion that you have to do it all yourself and dipping into the limitless pool of your own safe, inner peaceful space. Whether you meditate on your own, or with guided imagery meditation, contemplation, prayer or listening to the birds and gazing at a tree, give it over for a few minutes every day and feel the relief…

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