Finding your WAY – intuition, common sense and overwhelm…

So many teachers think they have THE WAY – the one technique or philosophy that will cure your health problems, find your soul mate and build your bank account. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad of methods and schools and masters and experts. But it really comes down to listening to your gut, to following your intuition, and yes, a dash of common sense. Let me say it bluntly – I don’t believe that anyone has THE WAY!

As human beings, we share many characteristics, many patterns, many common problems and issues. We all have bodies, that have their own particular strengths and vulnerabilities, gifts and patterns. We all have hearts,that can love deeply, and often be wounded deeply. We all have minds that function in such a fascinating variety of ways. And I believe we all come from Spirit, and carry within ourselves the spark of the Divine.

But we are all unique individuals, with our own unique paths to follow. We bring with that spark, that inner light, the desire to grow, to learn, to explore, to express love and to be happy. And it is by finding what resonates with your own unique inner light, what satisfies your own individual desires and expressions that you can truly find health, love and happiness.

When you learn about a new approach – a new diet, detox, type of meditation, or exercise –  when all your friends are drinking a new algae or practicing a new Yoga pose or going to a new workshop, that’s an excellent time to check in with your intuition and feel how it resonates within your deepest self.

The real choice is choosing what feels right for yourself – regardless of how others view it – and fearlessly following your inner wisdom. Whether it’s choosing the diet that works for you – even if your family, your culture or your friends eat differently – or choosing the form of spiritual or healing practice that resonates for you, it’s about exercising your choice. And the choice is really, ultimately, about choosing expansion over contraction, choosing love, not fear.

Yours in Choice,


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Intuitive Girl - January 5, 2011

I agree wholeheartedly with this. So many of us search for ‘the answer’ rather than searching for ‘our answer.’

Andrea Conway - January 12, 2011

Clearly, compassionately and intelligently stated. Thank you for identifying what makes a “real choice.”

Kathy - February 2, 2011

Love this! It’s so right on and helpful. What a world we live in today where we have literally thousands of opinions bombarded at us every day! Thanks for the reminder. Maybe soon we’ll all just find our own way with Spirit and not worry what everyone else tells us to do:)

Joy Cipoletti - February 2, 2011

Thanks for this post. I regularly need to be reminded to follow my heart and not the crowd. I’ve never found the answers in anyone else’s WAY, but the temptation is always there.

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