Being at peace with choices…

Many of my clients are dealing with a major life change or decision, such as serious health issues and decisions about treatments, divorce or separation, relationships and marriage, decisions about having children, abortion, or adoption. It is so common to experience many different and often conflicting feelings, like anxiety, fear, anger or guilt, as well as excitement, hope, joy, relief.

Acknowledging, validating and empowering all your feelings, your inner wisdom, and ultimately your choices, allows you to find peace and healing with your decisions and with your self. But that’s not always easy. In highly personal life choices, you may often feel unsupported or invalidated by those around you who have different perspectives, and may find it difficult to talk openly about your feelings. Guided imagery meditation can be a helpful tool to give you a safe space to experience the support and validation you need and deserve.

Underneath your feelings and concerns, underneath the challenges of life, underneath your breath, there is a place of safety and peace. And there are techniques to help you find that place- and be at peace with the choices you make in your life.

I created a guided imagery meditation mp3 that can help you find that place of self-acceptance and peace within you. “Being at Peace with Choices” creates a safe, supportive, nurturing space, in which you can be present with all of your thoughts and feelings, validating and empowering your choices.  It can help you find empowerment and peace with your choices, and with yourself.

Life can be challenging, but we carry powerful tools within us.

Yours in peace, healing and empowerment,


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