Being at peace with choices…

So many people seem to be stressed about making choices these days. Whether it is a major life change or decision – health issues or decisions about treatments, divorce or separation, career changes or simply the myriad of lifestyle choices we face on a daily basis – it is so common to feel unsettled and stressed and keep second guessing ourselves.

When we make a choice, we want to feel a sense of peace and resolution. But that’s not always easy… And the more distant or dis-connected we feel from our intuition and inner guidance the harder it is to be relaxed and at peace with our choices. Connecting with our deepest inner selves is often hardest at the times when we need it most. When we really go inside, when we drop all the “shoulds” and expectations and assumptions, when we relax and quiet our minds and hearts and connect to our center, we find that there is a surprising place of peacefulness.

Acknowledging and validating your feelings and accessing your inner wisdom allows you to find peace and healing and ultimately empower your choices. Underneath your feelings and concerns, underneath the challenges of life, underneath your breath, there is a place of safety and peace. And there are simple techniques to help you find that place- and be at peace with the choices you make in your life. Guided imagery meditation can be a helpful tool to give you a safe space to experience the support and validation you need and deserve.

I created a guided imagery meditation CD and mp3 that can help you find that place of self-acceptance and peace within you. “Being at Peace with Choices” creates a safe, supportive, nurturing inner space, in which you can be present with all of your thoughts and feelings, and in touch with your deepest wisdom and compassion. It can help you find empowerment and peace with your choices, and with yourself. Life can be challenging, but we carry powerful tools within us.

I invite you to enter that space of wisdom and compassion and find the peace that is waiting for you.

Yours in peace, healing and empowerment,


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